What is carpet wet dry cleaning?

When used as a transition between a recommended and complete maintenance cleaner for light dirt carpets, a dry cleaning service will re-activate your carpet. This is an ideal solution when your carpet needs a refresher.

The method we use - known as encapsulation - offers a very effective approach to removing dirt. It contains very little moisture compared to other carpet cleaning techniques, and therefore has the facility to dry carpets in a very short time. The cleaning process of encapsulation involves acting as a special cleaning agent on the carpet using the rotary agitation tool. This process breaks down the mud tunneling agents that have been attached to the carpet fibers, forming remnants of the crystal line around them that prevent re-contact. This residue is dry vacuum.

Werribee Upholstery Cleaning

The cleaning agent we use is safe for children and pets as well as environmentally friendly.

Why choose this method?

Fast drying time - walk on your carpet in 20 minutes!
Provides deep bottom clean
The carpet stays clean longer, which prolongs the time between maintenance and cleaning.
Eliminates recurring spill stains and wicks
Increases the life of the carpet
No one is left
Diaper rugs again